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Most Popular MTB Power Meters

This page contains some of our most popular MTB power meters. This consists of crank arms, pedals, spiders and a crankset. Below, we provide a quick summary on why these specific power meters are worth considering.

Additional Most Popular MTB Power Meters Info:

4iiii PRECISION Shimano XT M8100/8120 Power Meter

The Shimano XT 8100/8120 crankset is very common, so it reasons that an affordable, easy to install power meter like the 4iiii would be one of our best-sellers. It also comes with a nice long 3-year warranty. However, note that left-side crank arm power meters like the 4iiii only measure power from the left leg.

Garmin Rally XC200 and 100 MTB Power Meter

Road power meter pedals have always been very popular. They work with any bike, can be installed easily and can be moved between bikes. So it’s no surprise that MTB power meter pedals are also very popular. The Garmin Rally uses SPD cleats and comes in two versions: the XC200 which measures power from both legs and the XC100 which measures power from the left only. Even though the XC200 is expensive, it still sells very well, as does the more affordable XC100.

power2max Power Meter Spiders

power2max makes probably our most popular MTB power meters. They make a spider power meter that bolts directly down to the crankset. The power meter measures power from both legs, is accurate and reliable. These power meters are also affordably priced. The best-selling units are the ones for SRAM, Race Face and Shimano cranksets, however they also offer models for Praxis, Cannondale, ROTOR and e*thirteen cranks. We highly recommend power2max power meters.

Quarq XX1 Eagle DUB Power Meter

Quarq makes the very popular xx1 Eagle DUB power meter for MTB. It’s usually sold as a complete crankset – power meter spider, crank arms and chainring. The power meter uses Quarq XX1 8-bolt carbon cranks and a 104 BCD 4-bolt chainring. It’s a very nice unit, however do note that it requires the use of a SRAM DUB bottom bracket.

SRM X-Power MTB Power Meter

Like the Garmin, the SRM X-Power is a power meter pedal that uses SPD cleats. It also comes in both a dual- and a single-sided version, as well as different colors, if that’s your thing. One advantage to the X-Power is it’s shaped exactly like a normal MTB pedal, whereas the Garmin is a bit on the chunky side.

Stages Shimano XT M8100/8120 Power Meter

Stages also makes a power meter crank arm for Shimano XT cranks. In fact, in many aspects, it’s like the 4iiii. The 4iiii has a few advantages like longer battery life and warranty, however this Stages power meter is very popular. Also, you can buy it for a bit less than the 4iiii.

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