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Bicycle Brake Pads

We carry road, mountain, and gravel bicycle brake pads from SRAM, Shimano, absoluteBLACK and MTX. There are options for riders simply looking to replace worn-out brake pads as well as upgrades for those wanting additional stopping power.

Additional Bicycle Brake Pad Info:


We carry SRAM brake pads for both 11- and 12-speed brake calipers. These are available in Organic or Sintered compounds and offer a balance between reduced noise or performance under heavy braking.


Shimano brake pads are available with Shimano’s ICE technology which helps reduce brake fade and distributes heat away from the pad during long periods of braking. These are available in Organic or Metallic compounds and are compatible with most Shimano brake calipers.


MTX uses a unique blend of materials to create performance-oriented brake pad compounds. These are designed to give riders additional stopping power and modulation compared to OEM brake pads.


absoluteBLACK uses a specially modified graphene in order to increase performance and durability of their brake pads. These also utilize cooling fins to draw heat away from the brake pad, making them a great upgrade choice for riders looking for additional stopping power and brake pad longevity.

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