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ENVE is one of the industry leaders in carbon fiber manufacturing. Their most notable products are wheels, but ENVE also makes handlebars, stems, tires and other components. Their products are put through rigorous testing to deliver performance gains in everything they make.

Additional ENVE Info:


ENVE wheels combine aerodynamics, low weight, and strength to be some of the best carbon wheels available.

Available in a variety of rim depths, the ENVE SES line up is designed to provide riders with a wheel designed to excel in their desired environment. ENVE offers ultralight climbing wheels, deep wheels for flat land speed and all-around wheels to excel on any terrain.

The M-Series is ENVE’s mountain bike range, designed to be lightweight and reliable. These wheels come with ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection and save weight on the climbs while providing performance on descents.


ENVE produces handlebars for road and mountain bikes, each designed to give riders an edge while saving weight.


ENVE offers stems in a variety of lengths to provide riders with carbon stem that fits their desired position on bike.


Designed with the ENVE SES wheel range, the SES tubeless tire has been created to provide an aerodynamic and durable tire. This tire performs best with ENVE SES wheels, but can be used on any wheel when it meets the correct requirements.

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