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Most Popular Road Power Meters

This page lists our most popular road power meters. These power meters have a high degree of compatibility with most bikes, are accurate and easy to install. Below, we provide a quick summary on why these best-selling road power meters might work for you too.

Additional Most Popular Road Power Meters Info:

4iiii PRECISION Shimano R7000 and R8000 Left-Side Power Meters

This 4iiii R7000 power meter is affordable and can be used on most Shimano road cranksets. So it’s a quick, easy way to start training with power. One step up from the R7000 is the 4iiii Ultegra R8000 power meter. It also works on most Shimao road cranks, but features a slightly nicer Shimano crank arm. Therefore, it also costs a bit more money. Please note however that left-side crank arm power meters like these only measure power from the left leg.

4iiii PRECISION PRO Shimano R8000 Dual-Sided Crankset

4iiii also makes a power meter crankset. With this version, you get power on both the left and right crank arms. These units are more expensive than a left-side crank arm, however they are also more accurate as you are measuring power from both legs.

Favero Assioma UNO and DUO Power Meter Pedals

The Favero Assioma Power Meter Pedals are two of our best-selling road power meters of all time. These pedals are compatible with any bike, are easy to install and are very accurate. The DUO measures power from both legs, whereas the UNO measures left leg power only and is therefore a bit more affordable. These pedals use a LOOK Keo style 3-bolt cleat.

power2max NGeco SRAM Road Power Meter

SRAM 3-bolt road cranksets are very common and are spec’d on many bikes, so it reasons that customers need a compatible power meter. This power2max bolts directly onto these SRAM cranks, measures power from both legs, is affordable and works very well. It’s by far one of most popular road power meters and we highly recommend it.

power2max NGeco ROTOR ALDHU Road Power Meter Crankset

This is our go-to power meter crankset for customers that currently have a Shimano road crankset on their bike. It fits Shimano road 24 mm bottom brackets and allows you to use your current Shimano chainrings on it. This makes replacing your Shimano crankset very easy. In addition, it measures power from both legs, is reasonably priced and works great. Another highly recommended road power meter.

Quarq DZero and DFour DUB Power Meters

Quarq makes very popular road power meters and these are our two best-selling versions. Both of these power meters measure power from both legs, however the DZero fits 5-bolt chainrings, whereas the DFour fits 4-bolt Shimano chainrings. These power meters are compatible with Quarq DZero cranks and SRAM DUB bottom brackets.

Stages Shimano R7000, Ultegra R8000 and R8100 Left-Side Power Meters

Like the 4iiiis above, Stages also makes left-side power meter crank arms for Shimano road cranksets. In fact, in many aspects, they are very similar to the 4iiii. The 4iiii has a few advantages like longer battery life and warranty, however the Stages power meter is very popular. In addition, Stages has a model for the new Ultegra 8100 12-speed cranksets that is quickly becoming a very popular power meter.

Stages Shimano Ultegra R8000 Dual-Sided Crankset

This is the Stages dual-sided crankset for Shimano R8000 drivetrains. Again, it’s very similar to the 4iiii dual-sided crankset and uses the same OEM Shimano crankset, but features Stages sensors. We tend to sell these about as quickly as we can get them in stock!

Velocomp PowerPod V5 Power Meter

Velocomp makes handlebar-mounted power meters. These don’t have the accuracy of a direct force power meter (like the ones above). However, the PowerPod V5 is affordable, can be used on any bike and can be moved between bikes, which are some big advantages most other power meters can’t claim.

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