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Track Power Meters

This page contains our track power meters. Most of these power meters are sold as an entire crankset, however there are left crank arm and spider versions as well. These units are compatible with 144 BCD 5-bolt track chainrings. Below, we’ll briefly summarize each unit which might help you determine which one is best for you.

Additional Track Power Meters Info:


power2max makes our best-selling track power meters. These units measure power from both legs, are accurate and are reasonable priced. You can get them in both 24 mm and 30 mm versions. They also offer two models: NGeco or the upgraded NG. The NG version costs more but features improved accuracy, a rechargeable battery, a longer warranty and some additional training metrics.

You can also buy these power meters with a range of different crank arms based on your needs and budget. Lastly, if you already have a ROTOR crankset, you can order just a track power meter spider.

ROTOR 2INpower

The ROTOR track power meter, in addition to measuring power from both legs, is also able to tell you how much power each leg is generating (one of only two power meters here with this ability). It features dual ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART, a rechargeable battery with 250-hour battery life and +/- 1.0% accuracy.

SRM PM9 Origin

SRM offers the PM9 Track power meter spider. It’s one of the pricier options, but SRM has a loyal following and has been making power meters for over 30 years. You can order the PM9 in a 24 mm or 30 mm spindle size. You also have the option of carbon or aluminum crank arms. These units feature a 3-year warranty.

SRM Science

The SRM Science is like the other SRM power meters on this page, however it is compatible with Octalink bottom brackets.

Verve InfoCrank

The Verve track power meter, like the ROTOR, measures power from both legs as well as provides you left vs. right leg power. It’s also remarkably accurate (accurate to +/- 0.5%). However, it is only compatible with standard ISIS cartridge track bottom brackets. In addition, the availability of this power meter is low at the moment.

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