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Bicycle Chains and Chainrings

We carry road, MTB, gravel and track bicycle chains and chainrings from a variety of different manufacturers. Each chainring is designed for a specific purpose. Some provide the best gear range, some are the lightest and some are intended to shift well in harsh conditions. Chainrings also have tooth profiles that are designed for specific chains. We provide a large range of chain and chainring options so you can find the perfect addition to your crankset!

Additional Bicycle Chain and Chainring Info:

Chainrings have tooth profiles that are designed for specific chains and bolt patterns that are intended for certain types of cranksets. If you’re replacing a component that is currently used on your bike, that’s simple. Upgrading or changing components can be tricky, but we provide compatibility on each product page. We encourage riders to think about price, performance and the intended usage of their part when selecting their drivetrain components. For additional compatibility and support questions, contact our customer support team to help choose the right drivetrain component for you.

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