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Bicycle Cleats

We carry a wide selection of replacement bicycle cleats. This includes cleats for Shimano, LOOK, Favero, PowerTap and Garmin pedals. These are all factory issued cleats which means they are exactly the same as the ones that ship new with the pedals.

Additional Bicycle Cleats Info:


For Shimano, we carry SPD-SL Road Cleats. These are our best-selling cleats. They come in three float versions: 6 degrees, 2 degrees and 0 degrees (fixed). These cleats work with 3-bolt road shoes and weigh 72 grams per set.


For LOOK, we have both the KEO and KEO Grip bicycle cleats. These cleats come in three versions: 9 degrees, 4.5 degrees and 0 degrees of float. The Grip version, which is slightly more expensive, features a non-slip surface, which makes walking easier and safer.

We also have DELTA Road Cleats which are compatible with non-KEO LOOK pedals, as well as LOOK X-TRACK MTB Cleats.

Note that these cleats can also be used with the Favero power meter pedals.


We carry both the Favero Red (6 degree) and Black (0 degree) replacement cleats. These cleats work great, however you can use the slightly more expensive LOOK Grip cleats on Favero pedals and they feature a non-slip surface.


For Garmin, we have replacement bicycle cleats for both the Vector and Rally power meters. The road cleats are available in both Red (6 degree) and Black (0 degree) versions.


If you still ride a PowerTap pedal, we have new bicycle cleats for you. These cleats fit both the P1 and P2 and are available in Red (6 degree) and Black (0 degree) versions.


For Wahoo, we sell both the Speedplay Standard Tension and Easy Tension cleats, which are compatible with the Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Pedals.

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