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Mountain Bike Pedals

We carry Mountain Bike Pedals from Shimano, LOOK and Race Face. This includes clipless XC pedals, clipless trail and enduro pedals which feature a platform for better stability, as well as flat pedals for downhill use.

Additional Mountain Bike Pedal Info:


We currently carry the Shimano XTR PD-M9100 and PD-M520 MTB Pedals (but more Shimano MTB pedals are on the way!). The XTRs are Shimano’s top-of-the-line SPD race pedal. They feature an aluminum pedal body, chromoly spindle and are lightweight at 310 grams.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Shimano PD-M520 MTB Pedals are a more budget friendly version. However, they still have many features found on Shimano’s more expensive models and represent a great value.


LOOK offers a wide range of MTB pedals. The X-TRACK pedals are lightweight and are made for XC. The EN-RAGE pedals feature a platform and are best for trail and enduro bikes. Their newest pedal, the TRAIL FUSION, is a flat pedal for enduro and downhill. They also offer trekking pedals for the more casual rider.

LOOK’s high-end pedals feature things like carbon pedal bodies and titanium spindles. They also offer more moderately priced pedals that substitute some of these materials for composite and stainless steel.

LOOK pedals come with X-TRACK MTB Cleats which feature lateral clip out direction. You can also purchase X-TRACK EASY Cleats that have multidirectional clip out. These cleats are best suited for beginner or casual riders.

Race Face

For Race Face, we carry the Atlas Mountain Bike Pedals. This is a flat pedal, designed for gravity riders. It can also be used on all mountain, trail and e-bikes. The pedal features an aluminum pedal body and weighs about 386 grams.

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